The building Predators Wood

The foundation

The foundation

The Carnivore Centre and Wood Design Forum foundation was established by Orsa Municipality and the company Orsa Grönklitt AB.

  • The foundation’s mandate determines the activities in the building. It states that the building shall:
  • be a neutral forum, in which various interested parties can meet, inform the public about the world’s predators and act as a creative hub for wood and design development.
  • produce and show exhibitions about predators, nature, wood and design.
  • apply for funding to conduct research and development in the above areas.

The foundation’s employees are Anders Björklund, managing director, tel.  +46 73-0368200 and Lena Karlsson, tel. +46 73-0379400.

The board comprises Marie Olsson, chairperson; Mark Baljeu, vice-chairperson; Mats Smids and Kenneth Ekvall.
The deputies are Johanna Sammeli and Göran Grå.