The whole world

We want to use the whole world as our workplace for the Wood Design Forum. We are working actively to establish new international contacts. We therefore welcome KLH Solid Wood Scandinavia AB, a Swedish subsidiary of the Austrian company KLH, and are looking forward to the JoINT project.

KLH Solid Wood Scandinavia AB

The Swedish subsidiary of the Austrian company KLH is currently erecting an industrial building in Orsa for manufacture of timber boards– the construction material of the future.


JoINT, an International Arena for Woodworking Culture, is an international furniture design project run by the Wood Design Forum and furniture designer Per Brandstedt. The project's participants are designers from Japan, Australia, Sweden and Senegal. During a workshop period in May, 12 designers produce seating furniture made of solid oak. The workshop is followed by seminars and lectures as well as a furniture exhibition.