Building design, operation and financing

The building leads out to the Bear Park and acts as an entrance to the park.

Byggnaden från framsidan

Design and layout

The layout gives the entire building great flexibility in terms of function. Basically, one part of the building is characterised by activities and information about design and wood, while the other part contains activities and information about predators. The building is designed so that both parts communicate with each other and can be integrated, depending on which activity is in the spotlight during a specific period. The predator and service areas are also constructed to create a sense of space, light, function, wood and design.

Operation and financing

Construction work started in September 2006 and was completed in the summer of 2007. The foundation/building staff are knowledgeable about predators, wood and design. The conference facilities were opened in October 2007. The project has been financed by EU Objective 1 Södra Skogslänsregionen (the southern forest counties region), the Dalarna County Administrative Board, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, Region Dalarna, Orsa Municipality, Orsa Grönklitt AB and Region Siljan.