Bear park

The Bear Park in Grönklitt was already one of Europe’s largest when it was built.

It has now nearly doubled in size and is home to all large Swedish predators as well as the Kamchatka bear and Siberian (or Amur) tiger. Both species are threatened with extinction in the northern hemisphere.

 Kamchatka bear in the Bear Park

Peter the Kamchatka bear was brought to the Bear Park in 2006. This is one of the largest species of bear in the world.

Preparations are currently in progress to launch a new section in the park for polar bears – a species under serious threat of extinction today. The planned polar bear facility and Polarworld centre will be the largest in Europe.

The Grönklitt  Bear Park

The amount of information grows as the number of species increases. A visit to Orsa Grönklitt is not just an opportunity to see the animals, but also to learn more about the predators and their situation in the world.